Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlie & Chief

Cheering for Daddy

Summer Fun

Update on Aubrey...20 Months

The summer has gone by too quickly! Aubrey and I have had a fun summer together! She is no longer a baby at all; she is quite a little person! She has a strong personality and knows what she wants. She is independent and can be a bit sassy. She has also become more snuggly and loves to give kisses. She continues to love her dogs, spending time outside, and playing with her kitchen and dolls.
Her new favorite things are watching TV, which she calls "T" and going "bye-bye". Last week she grabbed the car keys off the counter, a Nordstrom shopping bag, went to the door, looked over her shoulder, and said "bye-bye". Perhaps I've taken her shopping too much this summer!
She continues to be a great sleeper. She has started telling us "night night" when we lay her down, which makes life easier for us. Aubrey can say many words and some small phrases. Her favorite phrase is "where ____ go?" The blank is usually Chief, daddy, or baby. Last night we went to watch daddy play basketball. She sat on the bleachers clapping her hands and cheering "go daddy go!"
Aubrey is a lot of fun! I am going to miss all of our extra time together.